“Training Makes a Good Dog Into a Great Dog”

Judy Tarasek, Suffolk County and Long Island’s 5-Star Animal Behavior College Certified Dog Trainer (ABC-CDT) with 10 Years of Expertise, Specializing in Small Dog and Puppy Training.

Why Use One on One Personal Training?

Well, because dogs do better and progress more quickly when they and their owners get one on one training. This translates to more time with the trainer and less distractions. You, as the owner, and your dog, learn at your own pace and have all of the trainer’s attention! I teach you to train your dog so you can use the skill set for the life of your dog!

Positively Pet Partners is the Long Island and Suffolk County area’s renowned obedience training provider and behaviorist. As such, we’re a great resource for puppy and adult dog training, as we produce real results. Our team makes it easy to schedule the training sessions at your convenience with flexible schedules! We only use Positive Reinforcement techniques—never any pain, punishment, shock, or prong collars!

We offer customized Positive Reinforcement training packages based on the needs of you and your pet. There’s no shortage of dog training services throughout the Medford and Long Island community. A 5-Star reputation and proven track record are less common, however. At Positively Pet Partners, that’s a distinction we’re proud to have earned and we pledge our full dedication for as long as we continue to provide dog training services.

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When Can You Start Training Your Puppy or Dog?

Positive reinforcement training can be started as soon as you get your puppy! Proper training and socialization is the key to having a happy pet and happy owner…..but remember, it’s never too late to start. Use Positive Reinforcement Training and get Positive Results! That’s true of both puppies and full-grown adult dogs!

What Can I Do to Get My Cat and Dog to Get Along?

Have a cat and dog household and they are not getting along? I can show you how to introduce and integrate your canine and feline companions to achieve a peaceful and happy household! 

Zoom Sessions

Adjusting to the new normal during Covid can be a bit difficult, but you still need to train your dog. The answer is a Zoom Session. Using the internet to train your dog is like having the trainer in the room with you! Not Sure it’s for you? I offer a 20-minute Free”Try It” Session so you can determine if Remote Learning can work for you and your dog.
I also do Full Outdoor Sessions when the weather permits.
Contact me if you want to give it a try!

 With Positive Reinforcement Dog Training and Behavior Modification, Positively Pet Partners Is Among the Long Island and Medford Community’s Best-Reviewed Trainers 

 Positive Reinforcement 

Dog Training & Behavior Modification 

Positively Pet Partners LLC was founded in March 2013 here in Medford, NY by Certified Dog Trainer, Judy Tarasek. Prior to becoming a dog trainer, Judy, a lifelong animal lover, was employed in Information Technology for over 30 years. While employed in this industry, Judy adopted and fostered shelter dogs and cats as well as having several of her own pets for over 35 years. Today, Judy’s animal expertise has been expanding for 10 years and counting. After she was downsized yet again, she decided to pursue her passion, leave Corporate America and become a Positive Reinforcement Dog Trainer. The Medford and Long Island areas have proven to be ideal communities for exercising her commitment to training dogs of all breeds, sizes, and temperaments.


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Serving Suffolk County on
Long Island, New York

For rates, more information or to make an appointment call: 
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What We Offer:

 Positive Reinforcement Training and Behavior Modification

Free 30 Minute Phone Consultation

Zoom and social distancing sessions available

Our Training Packages Cover:

All packages are CUSTOMIZED to the
needs of YOU and YOUR DOG or CAT!

Basic Obedience On Leash
(Look, Sit, Sit/Stay, Down, Come, Loose Leash Walking)

Problem Behaviors
(Nipping, Jumping, Counter-Surfing, Digging, Chewing, Excessive Barking)

Advanced Obedience Off Leash
(Sit, Sit/Stay, Come, Down, Down/Stay, Take It/Leave It)

Leadership Exercises

House-Training for Puppies and Older Dogs


Cat Behavior Modification (Extreme Shyness, Litter-box Issues, Cat/Dog Interaction)